wood | modern | sustainable | functional

Meet The Woody Beckers, a husband and wife team (Quinn + Tracy) designing and manufacturing modern home and office accessories made from sustainable and reclaimed wood materials.

Both Q + T grew up in households that encouraged creativity. In the third grade, with the help of his woodworking father, Quinn built his first soap box derby car. Also at an early age, Tracy scavenged for scraps at her grandfather's wood shop to interior design and make furniture for her ever-changing doll house. Together, Q + T have been designing furniture and accessories for their own humble home. With a landlord that forbade colored walls, the couple sought out other solutions and, in turn, created The Woody Beckers.

Our design aesthetic:
Modern / Mid-Century / Minimalistic / Simple / Clean / Functional / Modular / Well-Made / Sustainable / Reclaimed

Quinn + Tracy are constantly inspired by trend, nature, architecture, and color. They take pride in creating high-quality, well-made products, as well as providing excellent customer service and communication. They are continually conceptualizing and creating, so stay tuned!

Ps. Check out Tracy's sewing shop, SEWING HENS!

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