Since 2012, our sustainable wood planter design has evolved from using 1/4" material with glued wall hanging backs to our most current version using a hearty 1/2" material with metal cleats. We've gone back to the drawing board to create a product that is more resilent to the elements of planting (water and soil) and to eliminate the use and reliance of individual plant liners. The newest version, we think, is our BEST design so far! Here's what you can expect:

// The Look //

The bottom of the planter will now feature a gorgeous wood waterfall, or wrap-around, effect instead of being covered in laminate. The top will still be accented with colored laminate, in addition the entire inside of the planter will having a matching laminate. This will eliminate the need for a plant liner, and you will be able to plant directly into the product. There will not be drainage however it can be created using pebbles and the right kind of soil mix, and it has been proven to work just fine! We'll be providing instructions on how to achieve the best planting environment in our product. 

// Wall Mounting Mechanism //

We've decided to go back to keyhole hangers which will be inset to the product. The planters will now hang flush with the wall, instead of floating 1/4" away. 

We are finishing up our first production run of the new planters and cannot wait to show you the final result!